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. . . More Than Just Child`s Play Event & Banquet Facility

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Explosion 1: Child’s Play 
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We know your time is valuable — you don’t have all day to look through a website.  We understand that.  We value your time as much as we do our own.

We won’t: (i) “just rent you a room,” (ii) “give you discount for cash,” (iii) “let you come in an hour early to setup for free,” (iv) “hold a spot for you without a deposit,” and lastly, (v) take you seriously if you are just “price shopping.”  

If price is the only factor you care about than Child’s Play is not the facility for you!

We are not a community center, we don’t have a church basement, and we don’t have little tyke toys.  

If you expect: (i) quality, (ii) service, and (iii) customizability for your special private event, then we would be pleased to discuss such with you.  As one of our repeat client’s says, “all I have to worry about when I have a party at Child’s Play is putting a glass to my mouth — everything else is done for me!”

Child’s Play is a Family Entertainment Banquet Facility hosting only private functions, parties and events. You never share your space with anyone!   


We ONLY HOST ONE PARTY, or EVENT AT A TIME!  Child’s Play has 15,000 sq. ft. of event equipment for all ages.  The equipment shown here is always on FREE PLAY, for every event.  You do not need tokens to use anything shown here.

We take pride in ownership of both the business and building. We keep our facility clean just as you would your home.   WE HOST FUN, EXCITING AND SUCCESSFUL EVENTS —  ISN’T THIS IMPORTANT TO YOU?

Our charges are based on time and guests, the longer the party the more it costs. 

We can host day events for up to 425 people.

We do not host parties for groups of less than 30 people including children and adults.  Our packages start at $550 dollars for small events. 

We fully staff your event. Our staff is there to make sure your party runs smoothly.  Child's Play, where Fun meets Elegance! 
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Princess Parties - July & August,
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